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Use of Personal Devices for Copying Records in the Searchroom

For the payment of a fee of £7.50 per day, the Parliamentary Archives allows the person paying the fee (“the User”) to use a personal device to make electronic or photographic copies of items held by the Archives. The following terms apply:

  • Any personal device may be used for the purpose of making copies of items held by the Parliamentary Archives, including a laptop, tablet, camera or mobile phone. However, no type of scanner may be used.
  • The User may make a copy of any item unless prohibited from doing so by the search room supervisor because of the possibility of damage to the item.
  • The process of making an electronic copy must take place in the search room of the Parliamentary Archives.
  • The User must not use a device in such a way as to disturb other users, or the general quiet nature of the search room; or to pose a threat to the safety of any items held by the Parliamentary Archives, or the health and safety of other people.
  • Only still photographs may be taken for the purposes of making a copy of an item held by the Parliamentary Archives. No moving photographs may be taken of an item. Also, it is prohibited to use flash photography for the purposes of making a copy of an item.
  • The User may make only one copy of any item held by the Archives. Where more than one copy is taken in the process of making a copy of an item, then only one copy may be retained.
  • The User may use a table-top tripod or other tripod to assist in the making a copy of an item but only with the express agreement of the search room supervisor. Agreement will not be given or (if given) may be withdrawn, if the use of the tripod is considered to pose a risk to health and safety or that it will obstruct others in using the search room or the facilities in it.
  • In making a copy of an item the User must comply with the Parliamentary Archives’ required practices in handling items from the Archives. These are to be found on mats placed on the tables in the search room.
  • The terms governing the use of copies supplied by the Parliamentary Archives (which are set out in notices displayed in the search room) apply equally to the use of any copies made by the User.
  • The Parliamentary Archives accepts no responsibility for the quality of images taken by the User. The service provided by the Parliamentary Archives does not include making available printing facilities.

Last updated July 2019