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Societies and Staff

In addition to the records of the House of Lords and House of Commons, we also have custody of other groups of records which have accumulated within the Palace of Westminster. The following is not a complete list but aims to highlight a range of collections.

Association of Secretaries General of Parliaments (ASGP)

Working papers of the Association of Secretaries General of Parliament, 1938-1996.

Association of Lord-Lieutenants of Counties (ALC)

Papers of the Association of Lord-Lieutenants of Counties, 1908-1972, including papers on their duties in the First World War and Second World War.

The Braye Manuscripts (BRY)

Papers of John Browne (1608-1691); Clerk of the Parliaments, and his descendants. The greater proportion of the Braye Manuscripts are official records of the House of Lords dating from the 17th century, which strayed from official custody. They include “scribbled books”; draft journals; papers regarding parliamentary procedure; and parliamentary diaries. There are papers regarding the trials of William Laud (1573-1645), Archbishop of Canterbury and Thomas Wentworth (1593-1641), 1st Earl of Strafford. In addition, there is some correspondence, transcripts of speeches, and research notes on, and genealogical tables of, the families of Browne, Elsynge, Bowyer and others.

Clerk of the Crown (CC)

Records relating to the Parliamentary functions of the Clerk of the Crown, 1837-1929.

Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA)

Financial records, membership books, Reports, photographs, audio-visual material, cartoons and certificates relating to the Association, 1912-1980.

Exchequer Chief Usher (ECU)

Records of the Chief Usher of the Exchequer, 1790-1842.

Library Manuscripts (HC/LB/1 and HL/PO/LB/4)

The historical manuscript collections of the House of Commons Library (HC/LB/1), and the historical manuscript collections of the House of Lords Library (HL/PO/LB/4). The collections are many and varied, including photographs of Members of Parliament.

Lord Great Chamberlain (LGC)

Records of the Lord Great Chamberlain, 1558-1980. Includes Register books of warrants, minutes, outgoing letters and accounts, also uniforms, a ceremonial sword and many books; a significant archive of material concerning the administration of the Palace of Westminster, particularly in relation to ceremonial occasions.

Society of Clerks at Table (SCT)

Records of the Society of Clerks-at-the-Table, 1920s-1984, including papers relating to the administration and management of the Society as well as its organisation.

Statute Law Committee (SLC)

Statute Law Committee Papers, 1835-1991, including Parliamentary Papers, reports of the Commissioners and minutes, proceedings, correspondence and printed memoranda of the Statute Law Committee.