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Records Online

We are committed to making more of the documents we hold available online through the process of digitisation. Historic documents (including photographs and illustrations) are photographed by our dedicated Imaging Team who also provide a bespoke paid-for copying service.

We’re working to increase the number of documents available online to support independent research. Below are few highlights from the work already completed.

Stone’s Photos

Benjamin Stone MP captured scenes in and around the Palace at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Public Acts

We've photographed some of our oldest and most iconic Public Acts of Parliament.

Protestation Returns

The closest thing we have to a census for 1642, the Returns list the adult men residing in a parish.

Private Acts

We've photographed some of our most iconic and well-used Private Acts of Parliament.

The ‘Torn Journal’

Visual evidence of the tension that existed between James I and Parliament in the winter of 1621.

Gunpowder Plot

Discover the moment the House were told about the discovery of the infamous plot on 5 November 1605

You can browse the documents we’ve digitised so far using the online catalogue. Search for a keyword in the search box at the top of this page. Next select ‘Images Only’ from the left hand menu.

Alternatively, we’ve conducted a search for all the digitised records in our collection and sorted them by title.