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    Letters from Charles Richard Fox to Lord John Russell

    Archive · Identifier: FOX · Date: 1819-1835 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    Two manuscript letters from Charles R Fox to Lord John Russell, a personal friend, regarding Russell's literary and political career.

    Papers of Baron Williams of Ynyshir, Glamorgan

    Archive · Identifier: WLL · Date: 24 June 1948 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    These papers relate to the creation of Baron Williams of Ynyshir.

    Letters to Sir Miles Mattinson, MP

    Archive · Identifier: MAT · Date: 1884-1896 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    Letters to Sir Miles Mattinson from 1884 to 1896. Correspondents include Lord Randolph Churchill (MAT/1/1-6) and Speaker William Court Gully (MAT/2/1-3). There are also letters regarding Mattinso...

    Papers of Jennie Lee, MP (1904-1988)

    Archive · Identifier: JLE · Date: 1956-2001 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    This file contains letters from Jennie Lee, as well as press cuttings from "Punch" and "The Times".

    Papers of Robert Norman William Blake (1916-2003), Baron Blake of Braydeston

    Archive · Identifier: BLK · Date: [1951-1955] · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    Material relating to Blake's biography of Andrew Bonar Law, which he was commissioned to write by Lord Beaverbrook. Published in 1955, it was entitled 'The Unknown Prime Minister'.

    Papers of Baron Goodman

    Archive · Identifier: GOO · Date: 1965-1971 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    This collection consists of a letters patent creating Baron Goodman of Westminster and a grant of arms of the City of Westminster.

    Diary of Rt. Hon. Arthur Frederick Jeffreys MP

    Archive · Identifier: JEF · Date: 1887-1906 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    Jeffreys's diary contains mainly brief entries about his personal life.

    Records of the Parliamentary Group for World Government

    Archive · Identifier: PWG · Date: 1946-1987 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    The collection contains various minute books and papers relating to meetings of the Parliamentary Group for World Government and One World Trust (PWG/1-9), with two series relating to the Education...

    Sir William Drake’s Common-Place Book

    Archive · Identifier: WDR · Date: c1607-c1640 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    Common-Place Book containing proceedings from several Parliaments under James I and Charles I.

    Letters from Charles Abbott and John Henry Abbott to Sir Egerton Brydges

    Archive · Identifier: ABB · Date: 1832-1834 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    Three letters to Sir Egerton Brydges: one from Charles Abbott, first Baron Tenterden of Hendon and Lord Chief Justice; and two from his son, John Henry Abbott, second Baron Tenterden. The first le...