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    Parliament Office and other official papers 1848-1875

    Archive · Identifier: SLF/7 · Date: 1845-1870 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    Papers relating to Shaw Lefevre's work as Deputy Clerk and Clerk of the Parliaments, and other official business. Also some earlier papers relating to the Parliament Office during the 1830s-1840s.

    Papers of David Dewar

    Archive · Identifier: DEW · Date: [1965-1973] · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    Working papers, correspondence and copies of printed material.

    Papers of Sir John Christopher Sainty

    Archive · Identifier: JCS · Date: [1701-1800] · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    Material created by Sainty during his research for House of Lords Record Office Memorandum No.52: 'The Origin of the Office of Chairman of Committees in the House of Lords'.

    Petition to the House of Commons, from the Saint Andrew and Quebec Railway Company.

    Archive · Identifier: PET/17 · Date: 1837 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    This is an original petition and seal, to the House of Commons, from the President, Directors and Proprietors of the Saint Andrews and Quebec Railroad Company.

    Records of the Parliamentary Group for World Government

    Archive · Identifier: PWG · Date: 1946-1987 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    The collection contains various minute books and papers relating to meetings of the Parliamentary Group for World Government and One World Trust (PWG/1-9), with two series relating to the Education...

    Sir William Drake’s Common-Place Book

    Archive · Identifier: WDR · Date: c1607-c1640 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    Common-Place Book containing proceedings from several Parliaments under James I and Charles I.

    Hansard Publications and Papers

    Archive · Identifier: HAN · Date: 1803-1907 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    HAN/1-HAN/4 consist of bound, published volumes of Parliamentary debates, 1803-1907. HAN/5 comprises 11 files of miscellaneous papers, accounts and correspondence produced by T C Hansard in the cou...

    Papers of George Rose, MP (1744-1818)

    Archive · Identifier: ROS · Date: 1626-1758 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    A precedent book containing various proceedings in the House of Lords arranged under several headings.

    Records of the Society of Clerks-at-the-Table

    Archive · Identifier: SCT · Date: 1927-1984 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    The first series (SCT/1) consists mainly of papers relating to the administration and management of the Society as well as its organisation from 1948 to 1984. The second and third series (SCT/2 and...

    Petition to the House of Commons regarding new houses in London

    Archive · Identifier: PET/6 · Date: [March 1678] · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    Original petition to the House of Commons from "several London builders and purchasers of new built houses." The petitioners complain about a proposed tax upon new buildings, and ask for more time...