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Legal papers and Accounts of Trials

Archive · Identifier: LGC/9 · Date: 1675-1901 · Author: Parliamentary Archives


Archive · Identifier: PET · Date: 1585-1913 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

This collection comprises mainly of petitions to Parliament (House of Lords and House of Commons). There are also some supplemental provisional articles, arguments and miscellaneous papers relating...

Deposited plans and ancillary documents, relating to Scottish Private Bills

Archive · Identifier: SCO · Date: 1837-1951 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

The plans in this collection involve the building of, or improvements made to railways, tramways and harbours in Scotland.

Records of the House of Lords: Journal Office: Printed Sessional Papers (Facsimiles)

Archive · Identifier: HL/PO/JO/6 · Date: 1714-1805 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

The facsimiles reproduce the known surviving copies of printed Public Bills;
Reports of Committees; Reports of Commissioners; Humble Addresses to the Sovereign; Messages from the Sovereign to the ...

Papers of Sir Courtenay Ilbert

Archive · Identifier: ILB · Date: 1815-1922 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

The collection is an amalgamation of the diaries and the correspondence of Sir Courtenay Ilbert which were formerly House of Commons Library Manuscripts 43-81 and 94 respectively. The papers refle...

Records of the House of Lords: Domestic Committees: Committee for Privileges

Archive · Identifier: HL/PO/DC/CP · Date: 1627-2009 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

The earliest peerage claim records are preserved with the Main Papers. The arrangement of series within the records of the Committee for Privileges is as follows:
HL/PO/DC/CP/1 contains Minute Boo...

Printed Passes for Trials of Peers

Archive · Identifier: HL/PO/RO/1/28 · Date: 1760-1776 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

These passes were issued to view the trials of Earl Ferrers in 1760, William Byron in 1765 and the Duchess of Kingston in 1776. All include the arms of the Duke of Ancaster.

Record of the Trial of Mary, Queen of Scots

Archive · Identifier: HL/PO/JO/10/14/2A · Date: [1588] · Author: Parliamentary Archives

Membrane 1r.
Letters Patent granted to John, Archbishop of Canterbury, Sir Thomas Bromley, Lord Chancellor, William, Lord Burghley, Lord Treasurer, and others as Commissioners to examine all matter...

Death Warrant of King Charles I

Archive · Identifier: HL/PO/JO/10/1/297A · Date: 26 Jan 1649 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

This evocative document, authorising the execution of King Charles I, bears the signatures and seals of 59 of the commissioners who sat in judgement upon the king and became known as the 'regicides...

Lords of Appeal Papers

Archive · Identifier: LAP · Date: 1971-1975 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

A collection of legal articles, lectures and speeches made by Lords of Appeal. Includes two biographies.