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    Broadsides showing votes related to the Great Reform Bill 1831

    Archive · Identifier: HL/PO/RO/1/209 · Date: 1831 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    Two broadsides published in 1831 showing who voted for and against the Reform Bill.

    Majority and Minority, on the second Reading of the Reform Bill, in the House of Commons, on Tuesday March 22, 1831

    Archive · Identifier: HL/PO/RO/1/209/1 · Date: 22 March 1831 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    Poster listing those MPs who voted for and against the second reading of the reform bill 1831 and giving an "Analysis of the Reform Bill" in terms of the boroughs to be disenfranchised and those to...

    Letter about the Reform Act

    Archive · Identifier: HL/PO/RO/1/172 · Date: 7 April 1831 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    Letter signed by Viscount Althorp requesting the recipient attend the House of Commons for a division on the Reform Bill: '...I need not tell you how important every individual vote is on the quest...

    Autograph letter from a British ex-patriot in India

    Archive · Identifier: HL/PO/RO/1/166 · Date: 1832 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    Covering the subject of the 1832 Reform Act.

    Autograph letter from [J Sturges] to William St [Quentin] esq

    Archive · Identifier: HL/PO/RO/1/167 · Date: 1833 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    Covering the subject of the composition of the new House of Commons after the 1832 Reform Act.

    Autograph letter from Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, to the Earl of Lucan on the Reform Bill

    Archive · Identifier: HL/PO/RO/1/156 · Date: 13 March 1832 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    This autograph letter is entirely about Wellington's views on the Reform Bill, then in progress through Parliament, and especially concerning the tactics used by those who opposed it. He is of the ...

    BLACK LIST! Being the Annual amount of Pickings of the Peers who voted against the Reform bill in the House of Lords, on Saturday, October 8, 1831

    Archive · Identifier: HL/PO/RO/1/209/2 · Date: 8 October 1831 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    Reform Act Blacklist, 1831 - Poster listing the names of those peers who voted against reform

    Public General Act, 2&3 William IV, c. 45

    Archive · Identifier: · Date: 1832 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    An Act to amend the Representation of the People in England and Wales. ("Great Reform Act, 1832")

    The passing of the "Great Reform Act" was a mixture of political circumstance and popular pressure...

    Royal Commission for Royal Assent to the Reform Bill inter alia

    Archive · Identifier: HL/PO/JO/10/3/295/7 · Date: 7 June 1832 · Author: Parliamentary Archives