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    Correspondence and Papers of Sir Bryan Fell

    Archive · Identifier: FEL · Date: 1890-1955 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    The collection is comprised primarily of material collected by Fell for the writing and revising of his Guide to the Houses of Parliament [FEL/1] and various articles he wrote on Empire Parliaments...

    House Bills S-T

    Archive · Identifier: HL/PO/JO/10/10/1018 · Date: 1931-1932 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    South Lancashire Transport Company (Trolley Vehicles) Order Confirmation Act, 1932
    South Metropolitan Gas [H.L.]
    South Metropolitan Gas Act, 1932
    South Staffordshire Waterworks Act, 1932
    South Subu...

    Warren Hastings Trial: Government Correspondence (2)

    Archive · Identifier: HL/PO/JO/10/7/802 · Date: 1790 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    Correspondence between the Governments of Bengal and Madras and the Rajah of Tanjore [Thanjavur] relative to the Government of Madras having assumed the management of the Revenues of the Tanjore Co...

    Statute of Westminster Act, c. 4

    Archive · Identifier: · Date: 1931 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    The Act established equality of status between the Parliament of the United Kingdom and the Parliaments of the Dominions. It was declared that no future Act of the United Kingdom Parliament should...

    Government of Ireland Act, c. 67

    Archive · Identifier: · Date: 1920 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    The Government of Ireland Act, 1920, partitioned Ireland in two. "Southern Ireland" was to have a devolved parliament in Dublin, and "Northern Ireland" a devolved parliament in Belfast. Both part...

    Public General Act, 30 & 31 Victoria I, c. 3

    Archive · Identifier: · Date: 29 March 1867 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    An Act for the Union of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick, and the Government thereof; and for Purposes connected therewith ['British North America Act 1867'].

    The Act was designed to improv...

    Public General Act, 39&40 George III, c. 67

    Archive · Identifier: · Date: 1800 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    An Act for the Union of Great Britain and Ireland. ["Union of Ireland", "Act of Union with Ireland"]

    Following increased unrest in Ireland at the same time as the Napoleonic Wars, the British Prim...

    Royal Commission for the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act

    Archive · Identifier: HL/PO/JO/10/3/295/10 · Date: 9 July 1900 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    Royal Commission confirming the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act.

    Papers of the Marquess Townshend of Raynham Hall

    Archive · Identifier: TWN · Date: 1732-1791 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    Records collected by the Townshend family relating to North America.

    Colonial Office, Commissions and other official papers, 1833-1841

    Archive · Identifier: SLF/2 · Date: 1833-1841 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    Letters relating to Shaw Lefevre's work in the Colonial Office, as a Commissioner on the South Australia Commission and elsewhere. The letters are mostly addressed to Shaw Lefevre but there are als...