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    Political: Church

    Archive · Identifier: STR/23 · Date: 1895-1927 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    Petition for Roman Catholic Relief

    Archive · Identifier: HL/PO/RO/1/30 · Date: 1819-1829 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    Contains a petition for relief presented to the House of Lords by the Catholics of Hardwick, Oxfordshire and adjacent villages (5 May 1819) including the signatures or marks of 57 men, and a speech...

    Public Act, 6 Anne, c. 11

    Archive · Identifier: · Date: 1706 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    An Act for an Union of the two Kingdoms of England and Scotland ["Act of Union with Scotland"].

    The Act ratified the Articles of Union of England and Scotland. It established Great Britain, with A...

    Public Act, 1 William & Mary Session 2, c. 2

    Archive · Identifier: · Date: Dec 1689 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    An Act declaring the Rights and Liberties of the Subject, and settling the Succession of the Crown. ["The Bill of Rights 1689"]

    After the short-lived constitutional experiments that followed the C...

    Engrossed Declaration of Rights

    Archive · Identifier: · Date: 12 Feb 1689 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    Declaration of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal and Commons assembled at Westminster.

    Records of the House of Lords: Committee Office: Ecclesiastical Committee: Measures, Including Copies, Comments and Explanations

    Archive · Identifier: HL/PO/CO/CE/9 · Date: 1961-2007 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    Various church measures, including certified copies, comments and explanation

    Records of the House of Lords: Committee Office: Ecclesiastical Committee

    Archive · Identifier: HL/PO/CO/CE · Date: 1838-2015 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    HL/PO/CO/CE/1 contains agendas for meetings. HL/PO/CO/CE/2 contains Measures presented to the Ecclesiastical Committee for consideration and Reports passed on to the Houses for approval or rejecti...

    Annexes to the Declaration of Rights

    Archive · Identifier: HL/PO/JO/10/1/403/14 · Date: 12 Feb 1689 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    a) 8 Feb -- Oaths of Obedience agreed on by both Houses this day (Lords Journals, XIV. 121), and embodied in the Declaration of Rights. C. J., X. 21, in extenso.
    b) 11 Feb -- Lords' amendments to t...

    Parliamentary Survey of Church Lands

    Archive · Identifier: HC/LB/1/87 · Date: [1646-1765] · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    Copies of surveys of church lands and livings made by the Parliamentary surveyors, commissioned by virtue of ordinances of 17 November 1646 and later, for the sale of Bishops' lands, 30 April 1649 ...

    Records of the House of Lords: Journal Office: Subsidy of the Clergy

    Archive · Identifier: HL/PO/JO/24 · Date: 1543-1628 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

    This series contains 30 subsidies of the clergy for the archdiocese of Canterbury and York laid on the table of the House, for consideration by Parliament. In HL/PO/JO/24/31 there are three fragme...