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Records of the House of Lords: Accountant’s Office: Security Fund

Archive · Identifier: HL/PO/AC/5 · Date: 1920-1977 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

This series contains the Security Fund Paymaster General Office payments and receipts (HL/PO/AC/5/1), Security Fund accounts and papers (HL/PO/AC/5/2), and Security Fund forms, correspondence and f...

Authorisation for Lords of Appeal to hear and determine Appeals during Dissolution in pursuance of the Appellate Jurisdiction Act 1876

Archive · Identifier: HL/PO/JO/32 · Date: 8 Feb 1974 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

HL/PO/JO/32/1 was signed by Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret as Counsellors of State in the absence of Queen Elizabeth II.

Public Act, 31 Charles II, c. 2

Archive · Identifier: HL/PO/PU/1/1679/31C2n3 · Date: 1679 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

An Act for the better securing the Liberty of the Subject, and for Prevention of Imprisonments beyond the Seas ["Habeas Corpus Act"].

The Act, better known as the Habeas Corpus Act was designed to...

Records of the House of Lords: Parliament Office: Judicial Office

Archive · Identifier: HL/PO/JU · Date: 1680-2009 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

The records represent the work of the Judicial Office and that of the Law Lords which it supports.

Appeal Committee Memoranda may be found in HL/PO/JU/1. Appeal Committee Draft Reports may be f...

Records of the House of Commons: Justice Committee: Administrative Records

Archive · Identifier: HC/CL/CO/EJ/1 · Date: 2007-2008 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

The Administrative Records series contains a range of records used by the committee to administer, document and carry out its functions. The series may include such records as agendas, formal/infor...

Courts Bill – Draft Report

Archive · Identifier: HC/CL/CO/DU/3/11 · Date: Mar 2003 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (CAFCASS) – Draft Report

Archive · Identifier: HC/CL/CO/DU/3/4 · Date: Feb-July 2003 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

Informal Notes

Archive · Identifier: HC/CL/CO/DU/2/26 · Date: Feb-Dec 2003 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

Agendas 2002-2003

Archive · Identifier: HC/CL/CO/DU/2/1 · Date: 11 Mar 2002-27 Nov 2003 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

Supplementary Estimates 2006-07 Correspondence

Archive · Identifier: HC/CL/CO/DU/2/23 · Date: Nov 2004 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

This file contains estimates memorandum for Winter Supplementary Estimates which explain the reasons for an increase in the administration budget. It also covers the Winter Supplementary Estimate o...