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Records of the House of Lords: Accountant’s Office: Security Fund

Archive · Identifier: HL/PO/AC/5 · Date: 1920-1977 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

This series contains the Security Fund Paymaster General Office payments and receipts (HL/PO/AC/5/1), Security Fund accounts and papers (HL/PO/AC/5/2), and Security Fund forms, correspondence and f...

Authorisation for Lords of Appeal to hear and determine Appeals during Dissolution in pursuance of the Appellate Jurisdiction Act 1876

Archive · Identifier: HL/PO/JO/32 · Date: 8 Feb 1974 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

HL/PO/JO/32/1 was signed by Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret as Counsellors of State in the absence of Queen Elizabeth II.

Public Act, 31 Charles II, c. 2

Archive · Identifier: HL/PO/PU/1/1679/31C2n3 · Date: 1679 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

An Act for the better securing the Liberty of the Subject, and for Prevention of Imprisonments beyond the Seas ["Habeas Corpus Act"].

The Act, better known as the Habeas Corpus Act was designed to...

Records of the House of Commons: Justice Committee: Administrative Records

Archive · Identifier: HC/CL/CO/EJ/1 · Date: 2007-2008 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

The Administrative Records series contains a range of records used by the committee to administer, document and carry out its functions. The series may include such records as agendas, formal/infor...

Courts Bill – Draft Report

Archive · Identifier: HC/CL/CO/DU/3/11 · Date: Mar 2003 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (CAFCASS) – Draft Report

Archive · Identifier: HC/CL/CO/DU/3/4 · Date: Feb-July 2003 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

Informal Notes

Archive · Identifier: HC/CL/CO/DU/2/26 · Date: Feb-Dec 2003 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

Agendas 2002-2003

Archive · Identifier: HC/CL/CO/DU/2/1 · Date: 11 Mar 2002-27 Nov 2003 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

Supplementary Estimates 2006-07 Correspondence

Archive · Identifier: HC/CL/CO/DU/2/23 · Date: Nov 2004 · Author: Parliamentary Archives

This file contains estimates memorandum for Winter Supplementary Estimates which explain the reasons for an increase in the administration budget. It also covers the Winter Supplementary Estimate o...

Legal Aid/Family Law Correspondence

Archive · Identifier: HC/CL/CO/DU/2/12 · Date: May 2003- May 2004 · Author: Parliamentary Archives